Restrict Publishing Sonarqube analysis to Sonarqube Dashboard (UI)

Hi. I’m in a dotnet based project using Azure Devops. I’m using latest Sonarqube community edition and dotnet sonar scanner.I’m not using Sonarqube tasks in my pipeline instead I get it done using scripts.
My requirement is that for build validation alone we shouldn’t publish any analysis to the Sonarqube Dashboard(UI) ,instead we have to publish it to the pipeline itself.
May I know if this is possible ?
Also may I know which file is published to Sonarqube UI after analysis ?

Hey there.

It’s not possible to get the results of SonarQube analysis without sending it to the SonarQube server (and thus, have it available in the SonarQube UI). Permissions, of course, restrict what is visible to whom.

Why aren’t you using the SonarQube tasks (or stated another way, why do you prefer scripts)? The tasks included in the Azure DevOps Extension include a Publish Quality Gate Result step that adds the Quality Gate status to the pipeline.

Thanks a lot.
Since In Community Edition, Build Validation can be done only in main/default branch we went script based. We have scripts for Publish Quality Gate Result task too.

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