SonarQube analysis failures after upgrade

SonarQube version: 8.7.1
sonar-scanner Jenkins plugin: 2.13
PostgresSQL version: 9.x => 12.5

After upgrading our Sonarqube Postgres database (which runs on RDS), one of our projects started throwing 504 errors upon analysis attempts. Using the same configuration but using a custom projectKey could then allow the analysis to succeed, but the actual analysis would hang as a background task and never finish.

Other projects did not throw the 504 error, but did have background task hangs on every analysis. I have included a thread dump of the CE process. Note that I have attempted to perform VACUUM FULL, but the process hangs, usually after vacuuming "pg_catalog.pg_proc". I have vacuumed the individual tables that I see in the sonarqube database via \dt successfully, though.

CE Thread Dump:
sq-ce-dump.txt (18.6 KB)

Hey Chris. I would really focus on having a VACUUM FULL ANALYZE complete successfully, even if that means temporarily shutting down your SonarQube instance while you allow it to run. If executing the SQL command just hangs – that seems like a PostgreSQL issue rather than a SonarQube one.


Thank you. After shutting down the instance and getting VACUUM FULL to run to completion, these errors resolved themselves. Thank you.

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