Background tasks get stuck on different projects

We have the same problem with version 8.2. . Every day the background tasks get stuck on different projects.
There is not a single error in the logs.


Are you using Enterprise Edition with multiple CE workers configured?



we are using the developer edition with one worker.


Hi Krystian,

This makes me wonder about resources - on the box and in the DB. Can you maybe do some checking/monitoring during one of these slowdowns?


The consumption of resources is low. All cpu peeks are reboots.


Last week

Could you please provide a thread dump of the CE process, when a background task is stuck?
Is there any chance you have multiple instances of SonarQube running with the same DB?

Hello Duarte,

attached you can find the Thread Dump.

open-jdk-td.log (24.7 KB)



Hi Patrick.
I don’t see any SQ thread hanging in that thread dump. What problem are you experiencing? It might be worth creating a new post describing it.

Hey Duarte,

Krystian is a colleague of mine and i took over the problem.

The problem is the same.

Attached you see a hanging background task

Also attached you see the log part of the task which doesn’t show any error and also the thread dump

I can’t see any error in this but the task is hanging

sonarqube.log (311.0 KB)

I anonymized the project names

So what can we try to find the problem?



Is the stack trace from the CE process? it looks like it might be from the start process.

Hey Duarte,

here is a new one. Now from the CE Server Process.

sonarqube.log (31.8 KB)

and another one from today(2020-07-18)
sonarqube.log (29.6 KB)



Thanks. So looks like what’s getting stuck is the pull request decoration with GitLab. Do you use GitLab on-prem or
More details here:

hey duarte,

this solved the problem.



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