Sonarqube-9.5 not getting installed via helm chart on openshift 4.8 cluster

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postgres is enabled(postgres.enabled=true)

While running “helm template command on the helm chart, it does not create any postgres related resources”

Want to understand if some extra values need to be passed for postgres to get installed along with Sonarqube


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SonarQube’s not going to create any Postgres resources. That’s on you to do before you try to start SonarQube. SonarQube needs to know where its DB/schema is; it will not create a DB/schema (although it will populate its schema once it’s able to connect).


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How do you install the chart? Are you using a local clone or the upstream Helm repository?

Usually the sonarqube Helm chart has a dependency to the bitnami postgresql Helm chart and deploys this for the database.
Your custom values could help to debug what’s going on (:

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Thanks for the quick response DefinitelyNotTobi ganncamp

DefinitelyNotTobi I am installing the helm chart through gitops approach using Argocd tool.
You can find the code here: GitHub - cloud-native-toolkit/terraform-gitops-sonarqube at version_upgrade
As you mentioned, Sonarqube Helm chart has a dependency to the bitnami postgresql Helm chart mentioned in Sonarqube helm chart’s requirements.yaml. Attaching my custom values.yaml being passed to helm chart for your reference (5.1 KB)

Hmm this is a rather complex approach when i look at this git repo. i could not reproduce your error in a local test with the values you provided, so my guess is that these values are eigher not the once in use in your deployment, or that your argo instance can not handle the dependency notation from the sonarqube chart (they are specified not in the Chart.yaml but in the requirements.yaml). could you validate these claims?

also just for debugging purposes you should really try just vanilla argo with the helm chart to eliminate errors from the terraform code in this repo on top. you know just to eliminate complexity until the error is found.
And as a last point; i have seen that you added all files from the sonarsource git repo to terraform-gitops-sonarqube/chart/sonarqube/charts/sonarqube at version_upgrade · cloud-native-toolkit/terraform-gitops-sonarqube · GitHub . this should not be needed.

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DefinitelyNotTobi Thanks for your inputs. Just wanted to check if my values.yaml is good or if I need to add some more values in values.yaml for postgres service to run. In the previous helm chart version, postgres service was running successfully.

DefinitelyNotTobi Attaching my custom values.yaml for your reference. It would be helpful if you could validate it if it has all parameters required for postgres. (5.1 KB)

seems good to me for the dependency. The only condition that needs to be fulfilled in order to also deploy the postgresql chart is postgresql.enabled as stated here.
You can check this for yourself if you just run helm template -f values.yaml sonarqube/sonarqube and check if there is a postgresql sts that gets templated.

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