Upgrade PostgreSQL in Sonarqube helm chart


I’d like to upgrade PostgreSQL to version 15, but the Sonarqube helm chart has a dependency on the 10.15.0 Bitnami PostgreSQL helm chart. This works with version 11.14.0 of PostgreSQL which was released in November 2021 - just about 2 years old.

Are there any plans to update this dependency?



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What version of SonarQube are we talking about? Also, if we haven’t done it already, I know we’re planning to drop that default Postgres instance.



The helm chart is using Version 10.2.0 of Sonarqube. If the plan is to drop that version of Postgres then it’s even more important for the helm chart to be updated.

The helm chart is owned by SonarSource:


Hello @shcarsten, welcome!

Thank you for taking the time to report this. We are aware that the dependency is outdated. This dependency is actually deprecated, and we advise users to be careful with it and use a well-maintained database as a service or deploy their database instead of relying on Bitnami Postgres.

Nevertheless, we do support PostgreSQL 15. Just a friendly reminder to double check our upgrade guide, as we do have some tips for PostgreSQL clean-up. :slight_smile: