Setup sonarqube-postgresql in a specific node?

based on the value file in I could not see where to set so that the bitnami postgres could be configured with toleration and taint


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Unfortunately, that’s a bit out of scope for us.


It should be a simple configuration in your value files and then you can pass it to Postgres values file. Postgres came as a bundle of sonarqube deployment, we as a customer cannot configure Postgres. Unless you give options to opt out using Postgres


The bundled Postgres is vestigial. You should prefer using an external DB. You can configure your connection to it using environment variables.


That’s documented on

Production use case

The SonarQube helm chart is packed with multiple features enabling users to install and test SonarQube on Kubernetes easily.

Nonetheless, if you intend to run a production-grade SonarQube please follow these recommendations.


  • Set postgresql.enabled to false. This parameter would run the postgresql pre-2022 bitnami chart. That is useful for testing purposes, however, given that the database is at the hearth of SonarQube, we advise users to be careful with it and use a well-maintained database as a service or deploy their own database on top of Kubernetes.
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