SonarQube(8.9 LTS) Community Edition Kerberos (SSO)

I am trying to enable SAML Authentication on SonarQube 8.9-LTS, via WSO2. I need the sonar metadata where entity id, ACS-URL & certificate are present but I did not find. Please suggest where to locate the metadata XML file?

After navigating to below :
Administration > Configuration > General Settings > Security > SAML
We need to know how the values of the below two fields look like:
1. SAML user login attribute
2. SAML user name attribute

Also, let me know what should be the value for the property. “sonar.core.serverBaseURL” , so that we can set it in file.

@ganncamp @pierreguillot - Please Suggest how can we achieve SSO for Sonar

Hello Subhadeep,

Do you have any progress on this?
As per my knowledge, Sonarqube doesn’t document the metadata anywhere.

For your information the entity Id will be the value you provide to the Application ID in the SAML configuration and the ACS URL will be {<sonarqube_base_url>/oauth2/callback/saml}

If you still face any further issues in SSO you can try out the miniOrange SAML plugin for Sonarqube.

It provides the SP metadata where you have the option to download the metadata file and it includes the certificate as well.

The plugin comes with additional features which might fulfill your advanced requirements. Please have a look at the document - mO Sonarqube SSO.

Feel free to reach out at if you have any questions.

P.S - I work for miniOrange, the vendor of the plugin I suggested above.