SonarQube 8.4 SAML metadata

I’m trying to enable SAML authentication on SonarQube 8.4 running on Kubernetes (GKE) environment.
Where can I get SSO documentation along with their Metadata required for SAML so that we can have the correct settings within Azure AD? There are instructions on configuring SAML at SonarQube end but my IAM team is asking for “Application Metadata, Application Entry ID (APP URL), App Reply URL and Sign On URL”, any idea where i can find this information ?


Hi @krishnaarani,

Have you checked this tutorial?

This will give you an idea on what values to provide.

Here’s an example based on that aforementioned tutorial that I went through and annotated:
(Make sure to update your sonar.core.serverBaseURL in SonarQube also!)