Generate metadata for SonarQube SAML SSO


(Wai Loon Tan) #1

I am using SonarQube Enterprise with version and SAML plugin version 1.1.0 (build 181).
I am configuring SSO with ADFS,

Is there anyway to generate SSO metadata ?

What is SonarQube SAML endpoint to inserted in Location of AssertionConsumerService tag ?

Currently I am using https://sonarqube/auth/realms/sonarqube/protocol/saml
but upon testing the ADFS service, it shows

The request specified an Assertion Consumer Service URL ‘https://sonarqube/oauth2/callback/saml’ that is not configured on the relying party ‘https://sonarqube’.

Assertion Consumer Service URL: https://sonarqube/oauth2/callback/saml

Relying party:

How do i get SSO metadata so I can provide the metadata to ADFS provider setting?