SonarQube 8.8 Dev Edition migration procedure questions

Hi Community,
I would have some questions that could help us understand if the procedure we want to follow for the migration of our SonarQube Production application (LTS Developer Edition VERSION 8.8 .0.42792) is correct. The migration concerns both the virtual machine on which the application is running and the application’s reference PostgreSQL 11 database (new Cloud SQL instance), but the SonarQube version and edition will remain the same.

The migration procedure was designed to try to minimize the disruption to the external systems with which SonarQube integrates, through:

  • the copy of the data from the old to the new database instance (using the PostgreSQL utilities pg_dump and pg_restore) that will be performed before installing the application to force it to use the database obtained
  • the temporary activation of a TRIAL License, only for the time necessary to obtain the new license (invalidate the old one and associate the license currently in use with the new serverID obtained with the new installation)

Here are the questions:

  1. is there any restriction of the developer edition trial license aside from time?
  2. during the period between the installation of the Developer Edition package and the activation of the License (TRIAL or Regular) are the functionalities of Branch Analysis and PR Decoration still guaranteed?
  3. can we restore the data from SQ 8.8 Dev. Regular licensed edition in a SQ 8.8 Dev. Trial license edition (different DB)?
  4. is it possible to use a trial license on a database where a developer license was previously activated?


Welcome to the community!

You realize that 8.8 is past EOL, right? You should upgrade at your earliest convenience. I would prioritize it above the other 2 upgrades.

Well, there’s a LOC restriction…

Without a valid license in place, you won’t be able to run analysis of any kind.

Yes, I don’t see why not. I believe the license key will change when the DB URL does, but you can work with your sales contact on that.


And BTW I’ve seen a few people in the community who needed to do a VACUUM FULL after upgrading Postgres for their SonarQube instances to work correctly.