SonarQube 8.5 http (port 9000) vs https (port 443)


We have SonarQube Developer Edition 8.5 installed in our server onpremise, we have 2 URL’s
https (port 443) and http (port 9000)

With http (port 9000) everything works very well.

But the https (port 443) We detected a bug when I want to see all the projects order by name (ascending / descending), the SonarQube does not show all the list, but if I chose to see by last analysis date or other options it’s works well

maybe the program of SonarQube has a bug, the problems when I want to see all the project order by name ascending, not showing, but by descending works well.

Best regards
Ernesto Ono

Hi Ernesto,

Welcome to the community!

Since you’ll be serving https through a proxy you should check the settings there to make sure nothing’s being truncated or removed in either the request URL or the results.