SonarQube 5.6.7 redirection from http to https

*I am currently using Sonarqube 5.4 for which if we have to host sonar application on https we give https value with certificate in and can host our sonar on https also.

*But when I upgraded to v5.6.7 I was unable to bring my sonarqube on https and wrapper gets up without any error and you will see nothing on https:8443 port.

*While researching to solve this issue I found out there is a way to use reverse proxy (using apache or nginx) to send users to https .

*Will this reverse proxy help me making sonar work on https:8443 or it just redirects. How would I redirect if I am not even able to bring sonar up on https?

*If anyone has done it already can you please share your document or steps in addition to what’s written on sonar website.

Thank You.

How to setup SonarQube with reverse proxy is here: Securing the Server Behind a Proxy

The idea:

  • reverse proxy provides access only by https
  • SonarQube serves website only by http
  • only reverse proxy can be reach by the clients
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