SonarQube (http vs https)

I have in my server on premise SonarQube with http port 9000 and proxy https 443
I am using Azure DevOps in Pipeline with SonarQube, when I run the build, the SonarQube analize the code, but if I want to view the home page, with http I can see all the projects (no problems), but if I want to see with the url https, not show the projects (missing)

But when I delete the project with the http port 9000, inmediatly, the SonarQube in https show the projects

I would like to show the execution with https


I deleted the project in SonarQube, and suddenly in https show all the projects in home page

I would like to share the image with http port 9000 and it’s work very fine (no problem)

I want to know if some part of programs has error or my configuration in IIS is something bad, I am configured according with this url Configure SSL for SonarQube on Windows — Xebia Blog

Best regards
Ernesto Ono