SonarQube 7.1 Rules


(Damian) #1

Hello All,
Since I’m new to SonarQube, please excuse me if this is something obvious.
We are using two instances of SonarQube:

  • the old one, version 5.6.3
  • the new one, version 7.1 (build 11001)

The thing is, the rules on the “new” instance are completly messed up, for example:
When I check the squid:ModifiersOrderCheck on both of the instances, they show completely different rules, and the one on the new instance is obviously wrong:

Can anyone explain me what could be the reason of this behavior? Where to look, what to change? If I should provide any additional information - let me know. I didn’t configured any of those instances so any tip regarding a possible fix would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Kind regards,

(G Ann Campbell) #2


At a guess, you have scrambled ElasticSearch indices (you didn’t try to do an in-place upgrade, did you?). Try this:

  • stop server
  • delete $SONARQUBE_HOME/data/es5
  • restart server


(Damian) #3

Hello Ann,
Thank you very much for your reply!
To be honest with you, it’s more kind of a “legacy” situation, I didn’t do the upgrade :slight_smile: Can you please explain to me what is the reason that ElasticSearch indices mixed up our SonarQube rules? I would really appreciate that :slight_smile:
Thank you very much in advance!
Kind regards,

(G Ann Campbell) #4

HI Damian,

At the moment, I’m not certain they have; it’s just a strong suspicion. But that is why I asked if you did an in-place upgrade. In fact even if we confirm that’s the problem, I won’t be able to tell you what happened. If you really want to pursue it I’ll have to call in some help.


(Damian) #5

Hello Ann,
Thank you once again for your message - for now, I will check if the solution you provided will help with our mixed up rules, if not - I will allow myself to contact you once again :slight_smile: Thanks!
Kind regards,

(Damian) #6

After restarting the instance, our rules mixed, for example, when we look at typescript rules, they are the same as for C#.Tried to change the Quality Profiles, but didn’t helped.

Any ideas what to do in order to fix that?

(G Ann Campbell) #7


This really does sound like a corrupted ES index. To fix

  • stop the server
  • delete $SONARQUBE_HOME/data/es5
  • restart

Why does this happen? I really don’t know.

BTW, your ES indices will be dumped and recreated automatically during an upgrade. 7.4 is the current version, and 7.5 should be released early next week. :wink:


(Daniel) #8

Hi Ann @ganncamp,

your kind mention of the upcoming 7.5 release triggered my comment here :slight_smile:

Does exist, by any chance, a linkable document which describes “an raw outline” of your general desired release-cycles (for latest)? Please do not understand this as a question for hard dates or hard timeframes measured in weeks/months.

More like a “in a year maybe 5 to 10 releases for the non-LTS” … or any kind of general guideline?

For example: from a different posting here i take the (from Sept '18) mention that the LTS will probably be upgraded about every 1,5 years. (//edit tbh: it was said in that link, that the info about ~18Months came from downloads-page. I was not able to confirm that today as i did not find any kind of mention there right now)


(Damian) #9

Thank you, we will try this during a maintenance window :slight_smile:

(G Ann Campbell) #10

Hi @daniel,

We maintain that document internally but don’t make it public because it can fluctuate wildly. The current plan is still to release ~ every 2 months and to put out an LTS ~ every 18 months.

Our current “schedule” (meaning “yeah, we hope to hit that…”) is a release next week, one at the end of February, and the LTS at the beginning of May. But don’t hold your breath.


(Daniel) #11

Thank you Ann, @ganncamp you summed it up really nicely!