Upgrading from Develope to Entrprise - Issue

  • SonarQube Developer 8.2 → SonarQube Enterprise 8.2 (before upgrading)
  • We want to upgrade from Developer to Entreprise Edition (and then go to Latest LTS in second time )
  • We updated the image used with Docker, and started SonarQube

But, we have a strange issue.
When we go to the issues and filter per language … it’s seems that there is a desyncronisation.

If I click on Java rules … I see rules for Java.
But if I click. on Python … I see rules for Kotlin.
etc …

If I restart the developer edition, everything looks fine.
So I suppose that’s related to the content of the DB that should be resync according the “available” plugin ?


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This isn’t a question of the DB, but of your ElasticSearch indices. It sounds like they got corrupted. Since a restart fixed the problem, that makes me suspicious that your volumes may not be set up correctly. As your instance grows, you’ll find it’s a pain to wait for them to be re-generated with each restart.

It’s also worth mentioning that you don’t have to do this 8.2 DE → 8.9 EE migration in two steps. The big thing with a migration is the DB structure, and the structure is the same for all editions. So you can do this in one step if you like. (Or you could have. It sounds like you’re already halfway there.)


Restarting multiple time with Enterprise image don’t fix.
Only rollback to developer fix it.

It there a way to force reindex of Elastic so? To test ?


You can force reindexation by

  • stop the server
  • delete the data/es7 directory
  • restart the server