SonarQube Migration from 8.3dev to 8.9ent

We’re running a zip install of SonarQube 8.3.1 developer that I’m trying to move/upgrade to a 8.9’ish enterprise using docker-compose.

So far my process has been:

  • use pg_dump to take a dump of the existing 8.3 postgresql db and load it into an AWS RDS postgresql
  • get my docker-compose.yml all sorted out and working to bring up 8.3.1 developer against the RDS database - other than the license issue due to server id change, this looked good, all expected data was there from existing analysis etc
  • change the docker image to 8.3.1-enterprise and re-up the compose, again, all looked ok
  • change the docker image to 8.9-enterprise and re-up the compose, went to the /setup path and upgraded the database. This is where it took a bit of a turn. While all my projects are configured still, none of the analysis data is appearing after the migration.

I’ve been searching the community and reading through the docs to see if I missed a step. I do see a reference to “Reanalyze your projects to get fresh data” in the upgrade docs, I’m hoping this doesn’t mean none of our data will appear until we re-analyze. That’s not going to be well received.

I’m planning to reset and re-trace my steps but I thought I’d post here to see if anyone had any insight as to what I may have missed/done wrong.


Welcome to the community!

By the time you get to 8.9, we have progressive availability after an upgrade. It means that you don’t have to wait for all the Elasticsearch indices to be rebuilt before SonarQube is back up. On the downside, it means that parts of the now-up SonarQube are empty for a little while.

I suspect that’s what’s going on here.


Oh, so maybe this is a case of “stop poking at it” and let it do it’s thing. I didn’t see any obvious indicator that it was doing any form of re-indexing, but that’s kinda what I suspected might be the issue as it’s pretty common with many tools when you upgrade. Besides a db schema change, there’s often some form of re-index needed.

I’ll fire it back up and let it settle overnight before restarting the migration steps.

There was definitely something up with the ES index. It didn’t appear to be running. Letting it sit idle and monitoring the logs and process didn’t show any activity. I had some data in the data/es7 folder, so I got to wondering if it had partially indexed but never finished.

I shut down, moved the es7 folder aside as a test, and re-started. My logs were now full of indexing project messages and my dashboard once again has data appearing.

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