Sonarqube Developer Edition Container Upgrade from 7.1 to 8.2

We are currently using Sonarqube Developer Edition 7.1 Version that is installed as Docker Container and image used in custom image.
With Sonarsource now has disabled the support from 7.1 version, we have setup now Docker Container with Image(sonarqube:8.2-developer) and PostgreSQL(image: postgres:12). As part of this setup, we have performed following activities:

  1. Export DataDump to PostgreSql 11 to PostgreSQL
  2. Restore configuration in file
  3. Created the new volume for /opt/sonarqube/data and restore data from existing volume. In this step, had one observation - es5 was restored successfully in Docker Volume, but while starting container this folder got deleted
  4. In Sonarqube 7.1, had installed plugins - Branch, Developer, Git, LDAP, but these plugins are unavailable in Marketplace on Sonarqube 8.2
  5. Setup is completed without any error, however the data under Project, Profiles, Issues screen is not visible.

Please advice, if the above mentioned steps are right executed or not? And, please guide how to restore data for Project, Profiles and Issue screen?

Vivek Mistry

Hi @VivekMistry

a few notes on your approach:

when you are coming from 7.1 and your target is 8.2 (btw why not 8.5.1?) you need to version hop in between as stated in the upgrade guide, so 7.1 -> 7.9.4 > 8.x

The elasticsearch data can mostly be ignored as this data will be restored from the database after the database migration

Some of the plugins you were mentioning have been baked into sonarqube 8.5. depending on your target you might want to check the upgrade notes for things like this.

As you will hopefully switch to one of our docker images this and this section might also be of interest to you as you might not need to mount the file in your container anymore

as always create a backup of your database before you do a productive move :wink:

hope that helps

Hi Tobias,

Thanks for your reply.
For Sonar Developer Edition couldn’t find official docker image for version 7.9.4 and hence we opted for version 8.2.
Please suggest, if it is possible to switch from Developer to Community Edition for upgrade?

Vivek Mistry

Hi, the scripts executed to upgrade the SonarQube database are identical for all SQ editions. So you can downgrade to CE and play the upgrade, and then re-upgrade to DE/EE/DCE.

The only issue you will have is with plugins, as they are not the same between editions & versions.

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