Queries on SonarQube upgrade from ‘8.1-developer-beta’ to ‘8.9-developer’ image with PostgreSQL 9.6

Which versions are you using - 8.1-developer-beta

What are you trying to achieve -
We are planning to upgrade our dev environment SonarQube from ‘8.1-developer-beta’ to ‘8.9-developer’ running via container with PostgreSQL (9.6-alpine) database.

what have you tried so far to achieve this -
We have updated the podman yaml file which contain configuration for both sonarqube and its postgres DB container
Update yaml contains -
SonarQube official Docker Image tag change – 8.9-developer (lts)
PostgreSQL official Docker Image tag - 9.6-alpine ( not upgrading it for now as 9.6 is supported with SonarQube 8.9)
changed the working directory from ‘/opt/sq’ to ‘/opt/sonarqube’ for new image version 8.9
We are using persistent volume mount and taken the database backup using pg_dump as well as taking backup of pgdata directory.

We have three queries related to the upgrade -

  1. We currently have around 28 plugins with current version but when we are upgrading it to 8.9-developer, it is throwing error with these plugins thus we have removed all these plugins and fixed this issue. I got the answer of it in the below article that these are embedded now with the SonarQube.
    SonarQube v8.5 and Beyond: Where did all the plugins go?
    My query is how to ensure if all these 28 plugins are now supported by default or where to verify if some are not?

  2. While upgrading, we are getting below message in the container log –

WARN app[startup] The database must be manually upgraded. Please backup the database and browse /setup. For more information: Upgrade Guide | SonarQube Docs

• If we backup the DB and proceed with upgrading the database manually from /setup location. What exactly this action do in the overall setup? Will it change anything on PostgreSQL database which contain existing project data?
• From official SonarQube upgrade documentation, I understand that this is one of the required step during upgrade but no further details given about what action it wil perform.

  1. We are using GitLab CI as the ALM integration for all our project scan on SonarQube. Is there any changes we need to ensure in our GitLab integration with SonarQube post upgrade? There is official documentation on GitLab integration steps but I am looking for information about anything we need to ensure post upgrade with GitLab integration.

Please help us with your kind response on these queries as we are planning to upgrade this week.


Hey there.

Congrats on working on your upgrade?

If you had any community-supported (non-default) plugins installed on your instance, you would need to resintall them. The Developer Edition shipped with 29 plugins, and no plugin-provided features have been dropped in the v8.x series (although some are now baked into the core). You did the right thing by removing the plugins, and I don’t expect you need to take any further action here.

This action migrates the database schema from one that works with SonarQube v8.1 to one that works with SonarQube v8.9 LTS. This includes moving data around, creating new tables, deleting no longer needed parts of the database, adding indexes… the works.

Things can go wrong, although we’ve caught most of the bugs by this point (v8.9 LTS came out over a year ago). It’s still important to take a backup.

You should not expect to lose any project data.

No big changes here. You can rely on the LTS to LTS Upgrade Notes to be sure of what changes you need to know about, sorted into various categories. The biggest change in ALM integration came in v8.1, so you’re already over the hump.

Thank you so much Colin for your kind response.
I will take a note of every details you shared and will plan the upgrade. I will share my learning and observation post upgrade.
Once again very thankful for your prompt response.

Hi Colin,
Can you please help us sharing any document to check the list of 29 plugins you are referring which are now backed into the core with SonarQube v8.9?

Hey there.

We don’t any any specific document to share enumerating those plugins, but the details are mentioned in the upgrade notes.

Upgrade simplified: Languages, Git and SVN, LDAP/GitHub/SAML support now built-in (8.0, 8.5)
All plugins related to languages, Git/SVN support, and LDAP/GitHub/SAML authentication are now built into SonarQube itself. If you were using these plugins, you need to remove them from your extensions/plugins directory before upgrading. Read more in this community guide: SonarQube v8.5 and Beyond: Where did all the plugins go?

Did you add any additional plugins to your v8.1 installation that didn’t come preinstalled (you can always download a fresh v8.1 zip to compare). If not, there’s no further action you need to take.