SonarLint real time feedback when editing COBOL programs

We want to use Topaz Host Explorer (or a similar tool that accesses the mainframe) to edit a mainframe program (it makes a temporary copy on the PC) and have SonarLint provide the messages and squigglies, etc. while editing.


  • Can SonarLint be used to provide real-time feedback when editing (COBOL) programs?
  • Do those programs have to be stored in Git / Gitea?
  • If not,
    • What does SonarLint have to be bound to?
    • How would the program be included in a SonarQube project?
    • Does the program have to be included in a SonarQube project?

Hello @dravya, welcome to the Sonar Community! :sonar: :wave:

In order to best answer your questions, could you please specify which IDE are you using/do you want to use? Currently, COBOL analysis is supported* in Connected Mode by SonarLint for Eclipse and SonarLint for VSCode.

*COBOL support in SonarLint for VSCode is currently a Beta feature

All the best,
Sophio :sonarlint:

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Thank you so much for the warm welcome and your response.

We will be using Eclipse. (Compuware topaz workbench)

Awaiting your response on the questions.

Thank you.

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Hello @dravya,

Tobi here from SonarLint for Eclipse to answer at least a part of your questions.
Iā€™m not very familiar with this Eclipse Plug-in you are mentioning but from what the Official Website says, integration with SonarLint (and therefore SonarQube / SonarCloud for the COBOL support) is available.

Which version of SonarLint it is compatible with I cannot see but it also depends on the Plug-in and the Eclipse version you are using.
SonarLint for Eclipse stores the configuration in the file system, e.g. for running in connected mode. The files can be stored in the version control system for sharing between your developers.

Hopefully, this helps you with the SonarLint part of the questions.

Regarding SonarQube: COBOL is only available starting with Enterprise Edition, please refer to the docs. On the other hand, you can use SonarCloud, which also provides support for COBOL, see its docs.


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