SonarLint on the mainframe. Is it possible?

Is it possible to use SonarLint for code analysis on a tool such as Topaz host explorer (or a similar tool that accesses the mainframe) to edit a mainframe program (it makes a temporary copy on the PC)?

Good Morning @dravya,

SonarLint supports a variety of languages for working with a mainfraime, e.g. COBOL in connected mode to SonarQube.
If SonarLint works with a specific plugin like the one you mentioned actually depends on the plugin itself. BMC AMI DevX Workbench for Eclipse as an example provides information on its website that is indeed compatible with SonarLint.

But if it is actually compatible depends on the language you want to use, the editor itself, and the external plugin. Please refer to our SonarLint website to see which IDE provides support for which language.

Tobias from SonarLint for Eclipse

Thank you Tobias for your response.

It helps but I wanted to know more about the host explorer and SonarLint connection.

So, Topaz Host Explorer provides convenient navigation of mainframe resources and it can also perform day-to-day operations on them. It lets the developers access files from mainframe on the topaz workbench itself.

My question being, when we access the file from mainframe directly using the host explorer and not from git on the workbench, Can we also run SonarLint to analyze on that file of code?


Hi @dravya ,

We had a collaboration with Topaz developers a few years ago, and we made a few changes to SonarLint to allow things to work better. Unfortunately, this is very blurry for us, since Topaz is closed-source/commercial software, and we are not Mainframe developers. I suggest you reach out to Topaz support, and they usually come back to us if there is a SonarLint-specific question.

What I can tell is that SonarLint tries to rely on Eclipse platform API to interact with files in the workspace, so normally a solution like Topaz Host Explorer should be transparent for us (Eclipse will expose a “virtual file system” to us).


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