COBOL support for SonarLint extension for VS Code


we want to use the SonarLint to improve code quality in our projects. We’re using mostly COBOL for our in-house development and are trialing proof of concept on both VS Code and Topaz workbench, is there an ETA on COBOL support in VS Code such as is available in the Eclipse IDE plugin?


Hi Greg,

Welcome to our community. This is not in our roadmap currently, but we will be tracking this thread and we can always adjust our roadmap according to people interest in this feature.

Can you share the type of Cobol project you are working on? Are you editing Cobol in local source files, or are you using a VSCode plugin that connects to the mainframe remotely?


Hi Julien,

We do standard COBOL programming with SQL and also HOGAN COBOL programming. We are editing Java in local source files but would like to use SonarLint to do the same with COBOL, we also are using the Zowe Explorer and the IBM Z Open Editor extension to connect to our mainframe source libraries so if these could all be integrated together that would be better.



Hi. We have the same needs in my company. We already have Sonar Data Center with Cobol support. We are currently in a project to migrate the Cobol IDE in VSCode. We’ll use Zowe Explorer to communicate with z/OS but Cobol sources are on local computer in git repository. We want to analyse this sources with Sonar Lint on the fly without having launching a jenkins job.
We use IBM Cobol with IBM Z Ope nEditor…


Hello @Yves_Michon and welcome to the SonarSource community.
Thanks to @Yves_Michon and @GregHep for sharing your needs; do you have an idea how many developers in your companies are migrating to VSCode for COBOL development?

Hello Marco,

We potentially have somewhere between 60-70 developers that will be moving to VS Code for COBOL development. This is not a company-wide estimate as I can only speak for my development team.


In our company, we have about 250 cobol developers who will migrate from Pacbase to VScode on the next year.