SonarLint plugin compatibility for jdk 8

Hi team,
We are using eclise IDE - Rational Developer for I series v9.6 and it was working fine connecting with our sonar server over SonarLint plugin v6.2.
Off late we see that our binding to sonar project is broken and we see from error logs sonarlint is compatible with jdk 11. But the issue is our IDE is compatible with jdk 8 but not qith jdk11. So we are completely lost how to proceed here. Please give us some directions to get this issue fixed.

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I guess you recently upgraded your SonarQube server? Could you share the version numbers?


Hello Arun,

You are right, starting from SonarLint for Eclipse 7.0 the Eclipse IDE host needs to run with Java 11 for the plugin to work.

I don’t know much about Rational Developer for I Series, isn’t there a newer version that supports Java 11 ? As a fallback you can still continue using SonarLint for Eclipse 6.2. You can install it through our update site, see instructions here. As it’s not the latest version you will need to untick the “Show only the latest versions of available software” option in the Install dialog. Also please note that we might drop this older version from our update site in the future.

Hope this helped