SonarLint 3.6 in Eclipse 2018-09 with JDK 11


(Alex) #1


I had used SonarLint 3.6 without any problems with Eclipse Oxygen and Photon. The IDE ran under JDK 8. I now run Eclipse 2018-09 with JDK 11 and SonarLint doesn’t seem to work in this configuration anymore, i.e. there are no blue squiggly lines in code editors anymore. If I start the same Eclipse installation with JDK 8 again, SonarLint annotations are visible again.

Is this a compatibility problem with JDK 11 or did I miss something?

(Akber Choudhry) #2

I had the same problem. Sonarlint console shows 0 issues on both on-the-fly and project analysis.

(Julien Henry) #3


This is because the SonarJava analyzer embedded into SonarLint Eclipse 3.6 doesn’t support Java 11. This was fixed recently ( We will release a new version of SonarLint Eclipse with updated analyzers very soon.

(Alex) #4

Hi Julien,

thanks for the info!

(Gayan Perera) #5

Any way i can get hold of a nightly with these changes until you release it ?

(Gayan Perera) #6

Any nightly update site which i can get the above fixes for java 11 running eclipse sonarlint ?

(Gayan Perera) #8

At least can you say if we build the latest code in the master branch if we could get support for Java 11 where the fixes from is present.

(Janos Gyerik) #9

Hi @gayanper and @abhishek,

An RC or possible the official next release of SonarLint is coming very soon. Since you asked, here’s a nightly build you can try that is not guaranteed to be production ready:

This is built on this PR.

Cheers, and stay tuned for the final release!

(Gayan Perera) #10

Great thanks alot :slight_smile:

(Abhishek Bommakanti) #11

Hello @janos Thanks for the update. I installed the nightly build but it is still not working in my environment. @gayanper Is this working for you?

(Julien Henry) #12

@abhishek Any stack trace to share (look at the SonarLint console and enable verbose logs) .

Are you using connected mode?

(Abhishek Bommakanti) #13

log.txt (262.9 KB)

@Julien_HENRY Nothing specific in the logs. I’ve attached the log file here. Same results both in connected mode as well as just analyzing offline.

(Julien Henry) #14

The error is not supposed to be in Eclipse logs, but in the SonarLint console, with verbose checkbox enabled.

(Abhishek Bommakanti) #15

@Julien_HENRY Here you go. The logs are pointing to a generated bytecode version issue, I think…sonar_log.txt (756.0 KB)

(Julien Henry) #16

My bad, I though the latest release of our Java analyzer was already able to analyze JDK 11 code. But in fact will be part of the next release. I have created a ticket on SonarLint side to not forget:

We’ll do a new release as soon as SonarJava 5.8 is available.

The upcoming release of SonarLint will support JDK 10, but not JDK 11.

Sorry for the confusion.

(Abhishek Bommakanti) #17

Hello @Julien_HENRY Thanks for the update. Do you have an idea as to when the next release is or at least when we can get a nightly build?

EDIT as I’m not able to post more replies. @Julien_HENRY I’m not able to modify our SonarQube server. That’s my organization’s production server. Is there any way I can use this in standalone mode?

EDIT #2: Hello @Julien_HENRY Do you have a release date for SonarLint Eclipse 4.0? Or again, a nightly release that we can install?

Edit #3: Beautiful! That seems to be working. I haven’t tested it completely but I’m now seeing issues both on-the-fly as well as in the full report. Do you have a release date for the full release?

(Julien Henry) #18

If you are using the connected mode, you can install a nightly build of SonarJava in your SonarQube server, then update SonarLint binding to get it.
Latest build from master is:

(Gayan Perera) #19

Now the problem here i have is not being able to analyze java 11 source code, but to run the analysis of a java 8 source code while running eclipse with java 11. So do we really need to sonar-java plugin update for this ?
Can we also patch the given sonar-java plugin for none connected mode ?

(Julien Henry) #20

To me it looks like an Eclipse bug. I have reported it here, let’s wait for feedback from Eclipse JDT developers.

(Julien Henry) #21

OK, in fact this is not an issue of Eclipse, but due to:

Our Java analyzer will always try to resolve JDK symbols using the runtime JDK (here it means the JDK used to run Eclipse) while it should in perfect world use only classpath libraries.

But I have a good news, the final release of SonarJava 5.8 is planned for today, so it means we’ll be able to update it before releasing SonarLint Eclipse 4.0.