Spring Tool Suite 4, Java 11 - SonarLint plugin is not reporting any issues

I have the SonarLint plugin installed in Spring Tool Suite. I’m not seeing any issues reported either in the On-The-Fly view or in the full analysis view:

  • SonarLint, Spring Tool Suite 4, Java 11
  • error observed - no issues reported
  • steps to reproduce - either update Java files or run an analysis on the project
  • potential workaround - none, this is a blocker.


We are lacking information here to try to reproduce the issue, could you maybe share the logs of the analysis ?

This sounds like the same problem that I am others in our development staff are having. We have OpenJDK 11 installed with Eclipse 2018-12. The runtime used for Eclipse is Java 11. Basic install with a maven project. If I change to run Eclipse with Java 8, SonarLint works. If I run it with Java 11, it will not show any results. Multiple developers have seen the same things and most are staying on Java 8 waiting on a fix.

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