SonarLint IntelliJ Plugin throws InvalidBindingException

With the current IntelliJ Plugin (directly from master eddc76a) and also version there is aInvalidBindingException thrown
The reason ist that in a path is checked, that does not exist.
The path is something like: /Users/***/code/sonarlint-intellij/build/idea-sandbox/config/sonarlint/storage/6561726c2d74657374/projects/636f6d2e626d772e6561726c3a6561726c2d627573696e6573733a6d6173746572/storage_status.pb
However, there is no projects folder inside the /Users/***/code/sonarlint-intellij/build/idea-sandbox/config/sonarlint/storage/6561726c2d74657374/ path. The content of this path is just a global dir but no projects dir. I don’t know how the storage is managed, so I am not sure about the root cause of this issue.

Our setup is the following:
Private Sonar server (version
IntelliJ 2019.3
SonarLint Plugin

If I can provide further details I am happy to do so. I am able to debug the plugin code, but I am not sure where to start looking. Hints are welcome.

Hi @dastrobu

What happens if you trigger an update of the binding?

It is supposed to fetch the storage entirely.

I did this several times, but it didn’t help. In the meantime i upgraded Sonar to 7.9.x, wich resolves the issue. So unfortunately I cannot reproduce it anymore but I guess it was some kind of problem with the old Sonar version.

OK, thanks for letting us know. If someone else is affected, please share more details, like full debug logs when updating the binding.