SonarLint Intellij does not show any issues for my groovy project

Today I started evaluating the SonarQube Enterprise server.
I have a groovy project which is built in Jenkins using multibranch pipeline jobs to create several branches in Sonar.
So far so good. Everything seems to work as expected. Sonar finds 27 Bugs and 28 Code Smells (master branch).
I then installed the SonarLint plugin for Intellij and connected it to our Sonar Enterprise Server.
Intellij found my project; I selected it.

However whenever I ask the plugin to analyse one or all files it won’t show any issues. Am I doing something wrong / not supported? Is this a bug?

Hi Joerg,

SonarLint only reports issues computed by SonarSource code analyzers.

The Groovy plugin for SonarQube is based on CodeNarc. There is already an IntelliJ plugin for that (

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