IntelliJ SonarLint plugin not reporting any of the issues reported in SonarQube server, but SonarQube Community plugin does report all

I just switched to using SonarLint plugin in my IntelliJ, but I cannot get it to report any issue that is reported by SonarQube Community plugin.
SonarQube Community plugin reports all the issues identical to what is reporting on my SonarQube server, but couldn’t get it to work with SonarLint.

I looked at the verbose log output, but didn’t see anything alerting.
I expect to see the same inspections reported in the Inspection Results tab
Project is a Java project
IntelliJ Ultimate 2020.2
Java 1.8.0_202
SonarQuge Community Edition Version 7.6 (build 21501)
Code Analyzer for SonarJava is

Hey there.

What are you referring to, exactly?

I have a project setup with SonarQube and I see it has some code smell issues reported - 56 issues. I setup SonarQube plugin with IntelliJ and could see the same issues reported in the plugin, but when I switched to SonarLint plugin, I get zero issues reported in the plugin in IntelliJ

According to this
The SonarQube IntelliJ plugin is deprecated and replaced by SonarLint for IntelliJ

Hope this makes sense now. In short, I am not seeing any of the violations reported in IntelliJ “Inspection Results” tab when using SonarLint

Hello! Contrary to the community plugin, SonarLint does not integrate with IntelliJ’s Inspection framework.

Instead, you will find a “SonarLint” tool window, by default at the bottom of your IDE, with the analysis results.

The “Current file” tab shows issues detected on-the-fly in the currently opened editor, “Report” lists issues detected when using the “Analyze” action on a project/folder.

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