Feature Request: Implement support for Groovy

As the title says, I would very much appreciate if support for Groovy could be implemented!

Our entire codebase across many projects across tens of thousands of lines of code is written in Groovy. We’re currently using SonarQube to get an insight into the code issues and smells, but that’s after pushing your changes to a pipeline which in turn will update SonarQube, which can take a while.

I first thought, if SonarQube supports Groovy then why can’t SonarLint? But then I read this stackoverflow answer from Julien grails - How do I analyze Groovy code with Sonarlint for IntelliJ? - Stack Overflow
saying that SonarQube doesn’t really support Groovy, it just uses the reports from CodeNarc.

So then my feature request becomes this: Please implement Groovy support for both SonarQube and SonarLint :slight_smile:

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Hi Nermin,

Thanks for posting, welcome to the Sonar Community!

I’m impressed that you have tens of thousands of LOC of Groovy!

Could you share more about how you are using Groovy and what you feel Sonar could help detect in the code?