Are there plans for official an Groovy plugin?


(Balázs Hosszu) #1


There is an unifficial Groovy plugin available:

However it has not received a fresh release in a ~year, and there are some pending open issues. Officialifying this plugin, like the CSS plugin, would be great. The Groovy plugin should be kept up-to-date according to the Java rules for the most part (like rule categorizes). An official plugin would be greatly appriciated for this.

Are there any such plans?

Thanks for the answer!

(Alexandre Gigleux) #4

Hello Balázs,

Part of our objectives for 2018 is to support 5 new languages. With CSS, Go, Kotlin and Ruby, this is already 4 covered. Scala is on its way and probably Apex will follow. So I’m afraid that for 2018, we are already fully booked.

In all cases, your feedback is taken into account and we will use your input when deciding which new languages we want to cover in 2019.


(Balázs Hosszu) #5

Hey Alexandre!

Thanks a lot for your quick response! Looking forward to the new languages! :wink:


(Henrik) #6

I can also add that we are currently looking for a good coverage tool for Grails/Groovy, but there aren’t many good ones, and the ones that exist are full of issues. To have any reliable tool would be a big boon.