SonarLint for TSQL

Hi there,

Is there any plans to get Solarlint working for TSQL?

Thank you.


It should already work.
What makes you think it doesn’t?
Do you use the latest version of SonarLint?


thanks for the reply. We are using the 4.12 version. We tried it on VS, and there is no option for TSQL. Also please see the website states it does not support TSQL:


C / C++

Thank you.


Sorry, it seems to work for me in IntelliJ but I didn’t think about Visual Studio…

Ok thats cool, any case thank you so much for taking time to respond, will take this up with the Sonar peeps. hopefully we could get it going for VS :slight_smile:

@JSBG FYI I’ve added SLVS #1003: Add support for TSQL analysis in standalone mode to the backlog