SonarLint for VS Code 4.1 - Support T-SQL, AzureResourceManager and Bicep, C# 12


The new version of SonarLint for VS Code delivers support for new languages and Cloud technologies.

  • if you use SonarLint in connected mode with SonarCloud, or with a commercial edition of SonarQube, you’ll be able to see issues in T-SQL files directly in SonarLint. You can see here a list of supported rules.
  • SonarLint is also now able to detect these issues in AzureResourceManager templates and Bicep files.

We’ve also updated the support for other languages, in particular:

You can find the release notes here.




Great, thanks!

Would be top notch if you guys also add it to the Visual Studio since is where all the stuff really happens (SSDT) :sweat_smile:

T-SQL support in Visual Studio is in our roadmap, you can follow this card.

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