Does Sonal Lint -Visual Studio support TSQL?

We are planning to use Sonar Lint and our project is ETL based. It uses SSIS/TSQL(SQL Server).
Please update me whether Sonar lint supports it?


Welcome to the community!

T-SQL is supported in SonarLint for Eclipse if you’re in connected mode to SonarCloud or a SonarQube Developer Edition($) instance.


Thanks for the response!!
We have Sonar qube enterprise Edition , So if we install SonarLint for Eclipse then we can do the quality check on eclipse for TSQL?


Yes! That will work.

Happy coding!

Thanks for confirming!
We need to install Eclipse first right? Eclipse IDE for Java developers will be sufficient?
Do we have any supporting document for using sonar lint for TSQL in Eclipse?


Yes, to use SonarLint for Eclipse, you’ll need to be using Eclipse as your IDE. :smiley:

The SonarLint for Eclipse wiki should help.


Thanks for the update.

Currently we are using visual studio for SSDT(TSQL) projects.
So Which eclipse version is suitable for SSDT(TSQL) project and suits sonar lint plugin.
Actually we tried to install a version 2023-03, and facing issues. So could you please confirm this is the right version ?


Hi Lekshmi,

You should be good with the latest version. Are you facing issues with Eclipse itself or with installing SonarLint in it?