SonarLint for IntelliJ 4.7 released

Hi here, I’m pleased to announce that SonarLint :sonarlint: for IntelliJ 4.7 has just been published to the JetBrains Plugin Repository. The highlights of this version are:

  • 2 new rules for Python, and improved accuracy thanks to the use of type information for builtins
  • 2 new rules for Java, with significant performance improvements

We also fixed a few bugs, such as a compatibility issues with older versions of our TypeScript analyzer, and display of rule descriptions.

See the release notes for the full details.


Hey. It would be useful to have the new rules being named or linked in the release notes. It is a bit cumbersome to find out which rules is new otherwise. Thanks.

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Hey, thanks for the suggestion!

For this version, here are the new rules:

We’ll try to come up with something more accessible for next announcements - listing all new rules is OK when there are only a few of them like this time, but can be hard to read when there are more than a dozen.