SonarLint for IntelliJ 7.1 - New rules for React and Python unit tests, support of TypeScript 4.8

this new release of SonarLint for IntelliJ IDEs bring several improvements and new rules for different communities.

For JavaScript and TypeScript developers:

  • we’ve added new rules to detect React-specific bugs and code smells.
  • we now analyze the JavaScript and TypeScript code embedded inside AWS template files in YAML.
  • we added support for TypeScript 4.8

Please note that starting from this release, SonarLint requires at least version 14.17 of Node.js to run JS and TS analysis

Python developers will benefit of new rules to ensure the quality of unit test code.

And to mention a couple more highlights:

  • We added support for Kotlin 1.7
  • We added support for PHP 8.2

This release also fixes a few bugs and bring other improvements; you can learn more in the release notes.


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