SonarLint for IntelliJ 5.0 released - Accurate Python analysis in PyCharm and IDEA

Hello Python developers,

we just released a new version of SonarLint for IntelliJ that delivers a major improvement in the Python analyzer. In facts we are now leveraging cross-module resolution of symbols for detecting code quality and security issues in your code.
As a result, you can expect a better level of detection accuracy, meaning less false positives and less false negatives. Just to give you an example, SonarLint is now able to detect whether you are calling a function defined in a different module with an incorrect number of arguments:

Please note that for now, in order to avoid performance issues, we only activated this new functionality for small Python projects (i.e. < 150.000 LOC); this limit will be increased as we will work to improve performances.

And by the way in this example (and in many other cases as well), we use text editor decorations to help you identify the affected locations in the code.

You can now enjoy high-accuracy Python analysis with SonarLint in your favourite IDE:
image image image

As a final note, please be advised that starting from this version we have discontinued the support for SonarQube versions < 7.9 - this is why we have released this as a major version. And by the way, I take the chance to suggest you to update your SonarQube version to the latest 8.9 LTS version.

You can read more in the release notes