SonarLint for Eclipse 9.1 - Open SonarQube issues in the IDE

Hello Eclipse users,
with the latest SonarLint release, you’ll be able to open any issue you’re investigating in SonarQube into Eclipse so that you can investigate it and fix it with all the help SonarLint provides (dataflow navigation, rule description, quick fixes) without having to locate the right file and line of code manually.

SonarLint will automatically open the correct file and bring the focus to the line of code containing the issue.

To benefit from this functionality, in addition to updating SonarLint to 9.1, you’ll need to:

  • Ensure the project and branch you have opened in the IDE correspond to the one containing the issue you’re reviewing in SonarQube.
  • Use the latest SonarQube version (10.3)
  • Use SonarLint in connected mode

Speaking about connected mode, we’ve recently made some updates in the product and in the documentation to better describe what functionality it enables and why it is a good idea to set it up especially if you are several developers contributing to a project - you can find a summary here.

Among the analysis improvements this month, let me mention:

You can find the release notes here.


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