SonarLint for Eclipse 9.0 - Issue status workflow improvements

Hello Eclipse users,

The 9.0 SonarLint release is out! In this release, we’ve made improvements to the functionality we added a few months ago to enable changing the status of an issue directly in the IDE.

Starting with this release, if you use SonarLint together with SonarQube (minimum SonarQube version: 10.2) you have the possibility to mark a new issue as Won’t Fix or False Positive without waiting for SonarQube to analyze your branch or pull request. As soon as the new issue is detected by SonarLint in your code and you’ve determined that you’re not going to fix it, you can change the issue status with SonarLint: the new status will be automatically propagated to SonarQube and to any other contributor using SonarLint in connected mode.

In this release, we’ve also tightened the integration of SonarLint with SonarCloud: any issue or security hotspot status change done in SonarCloud will be instantly synchronized to the IDE so that you can focus on relevant issues.

We’ve added a lot of new detections to help you build Clean Code, for example:

Finally, this version raised the minimum Java runtime requirement to version 17; see more details about SonarLint runtime requirements here.

You can find the release notes here.


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