SonarLint for Eclipse 7.8 - Easy authentication to SonarQube, more Java quick fixes

Hello Eclipse users,
the version of SonarLint we’ve just released simplifies the authentication process to SonarQube . Instead of manually generating an authentication token in SonarQube and providing it to SonarLint, you’ll simply need to click on “Generate token” in the wizard, and a token will be generated by SonarQube and automatically transfered to SonarLint: (2)

In order to benefit from this improvement, you need to update SonarLint to version 7.8 and use at least the 9.7 version of SonarQube.

This version also adds quick fixes to 11 Java rules - SonarLint now provides quick fixes for 54 Java rules overall; you can discover them here.

Finally, if you use Eclipse CDT for your C and C++ projects you may like to have a look at our latest improvements:

  • we recently added 13 new rules to help you make the best of C++20 ’s std::format feature.
  • we’ve added support for clang-cl and Microchip compilers.

Here are the release notes of SonarLint for Eclipse v7.8.


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