SonarLint for Eclipse 6.2 - Java quick fixes, more rules for cloud secrets detection and regexps

Dear Eclipse users,
you may have heard we recently introduced Quick Fixes in SonarLint for IntelliJ IDEs and for VSCode; I’m happy to announce that with this new release Quick Fixes are also available in Eclipse!

We’re starting with covering around 40 Java rules; more will come in the future and are also consider to cover additional languages ( you can have a look at SonarLint roadmap at ).
To apply a Quick Fix, you can use the keyboard shortcuts you are already used to if you already used built-in Eclipse quick fixes, or you can hover with the mouse over an issue. (1)
EDIT: Please keep in mind that, if you use SonarLint in connected mode with SonarQube, you will need to have the latest SonarQube version (9.1) in order for quick fixes to work.

What’s more, one month ago we launched a new feature in SonarLint to detect and help developers avoid committing AWS (Amazon Web Services) secrets. With this version, we’ve added support for the following Cloud providers:

  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • IBM Cloud
  • Alibaba Cloud

Also, one month ago we added several new rules to help you write efficient, error-free and safe regular expressions in JavaScript. With this version we are enriching our detection with more regex rules for JS and TS, but also for PHP. You can learn more about those new rules by clicking here (for JS/TS) or here (for PHP).

The release notes of this new version are here.


already checked the related Jira tickets, but found no list of the 40 rules that are ‘quick fix enabled’.
Do you have a list of the 40 supported rules ?
Will quick fix work both in standalone mode and with project binding ?


Hello @Rebse,
you can see the list of Java rules with quick fixes in our Java analyzer release notes. In the future, we’ll try to provide better visibility for rules where quick fixes are available.
And yes, quick fixes work for both projects in standalone mode and for those bound to a SonarQube or SonarCloud project.

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it seems quick fixes will work for project bindings only if Sonarqube server is version 9.1,
because 9.1 ships with SonarJava 7.3, but 8.9.1 has SonarJava
In my tests with projects bound to Sonarqube 8.9.1, i got no quick fixes with Sonarlint for Eclipse 6.2


Hi @Rebse,
I went too fast in my previous answer, sorry about that :blush:
Indeed, for SonarQube, the requirement is to be running a SonarJava version >= 7.3, which as you already found, corresponds to SonarQube >= 9.1. I’ll add a note in the announcement to make this clear.