SonarJava Rules vs SpotBugs/Checkstyle Rules

(Jean Paul Larach) #1


Have all the rules from SpotBugs/Checkstyle plugins been integrated to the SonarJava plugin? I saw that they are still available for download through the update center. Is there a way I can tell which rules overlap and which ones don’t?

Thank you!


Convert CheckStyles, FindBugs, PMD rules to Sonar Way
(Adam Gabryś) #2

Not all rules are implemented. I found this list which shows coverage of FindBugs ruleset. I’m not sure if exists something similar with Checkstyle coverage.


(Colin Mueller) #3

Jean and Adam,

A similar list exists for checkstyle. :slight_smile:


(Jean Paul Larach) #4

Thank you so much @ColinHMueller and @agabrys . This is what I was looking for!