PMD, FindBugs, CheckStyle into Sonarqube

Hi Team,

I am looking for PMD, CheckStyle, and FindBugs in the Sonarqube and I see that there are three plugins
available in the marketshare which contains a number of rules. Do we need to use these or else do we need use
anyother plugins to get these 3 tools functionality.

I have gone through some of discussions in the community and came to know we are migrating the rules from these 3 tools to
sonarJava and I was not able to find this plugin anywhere. Please help me with the best way to get these 3 tools functionality
into Sonarqube.

Here are the links i went through:


Hi Prasad,

You can either install plugins, or run those tools separately to generate reports and then use native functionality to import them.


Thanks for the reply.

What about the SonarJava Plugin? Where can I get this plugin?

Sonarqube says they are replacing these tools with Squid rules where can we get these
equivalent squid rules of these three plugins?


Hi Prasad,

Sorry, I see we have some legacy terms in old communication that confuse new users. Getting the SonarJava plugin is easy because it comes by default on each SonarQube and SonarCloud product. So SonarJava is more a feature than a plugin. And forget about ‘squid’, it was used, when I had less white hair, to identify the SonarJava analyzer and the SonarJava’s rules.
Answering which java rules to select to match PMD, FindBugs, and CheckStyle is hard because it’s not a one-to-one relation. I would recommend starting with our default “Sonar way” quality profile, and if something is missing, to come back on this forum to give us some feedback. Our goal is to provide the best out-of-the-box experience with the default profile.

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Thanks for your reply.

What about the three plugins that are available? Will it cover any rules that our default sonar way profile does not cover? or else our default profile covers everything and we can just ignore the 3 plugins?