SonarCloud won't let me add Azure DevOps accounts

In the past, we had all the Azure DevOps in Bitbucket, but we migrated all to our actual Azure DevOps.

But now, when we connect our new Azure DevOps to a new Sonar Cloud organization, it doesn’t allow us to add Azure users and it shows the old Bitbucket users.

Has someone experienced the same? Any idea on how to solve it?


Hello Diana,

I’m sorry about the problem you encounter.
I have several questions to initiate the investigation:

  • Can you please send to me privately the organization key?
  • Can you please confirm to me that this organization is binded to Azure DevOps?
  • Can you please confirm if by trying to add users you are currently connected using Azure DevOps ?
  • Have your Azure DevOps already connected once to SonarCloud using their Azure DevOps account, before you try to add them to your organization?

Thank you and best regards,