Cannot add Azure Devops user

Logged in using Azure Devops account
Created private organisation
Cannot add a member - person logged in to SonarCloud using his Azure Devops account


What does the UI look like when you try to add a user ? Does the operation fail ? Or you don’t find the user ?

Do you see any useful information in the developer console of your browser ? Console errors or failing network calls ?

Sorry, should have been more specific. I cannot find the user. I search but user is not shown in the list so I cannot add him. no errors in the console

do I need to do anything special to sync users between Azure Devops and Sonarcloud? I could not find any information about it

So currently there is no automatic sync or anything of the sort for Azure Devops, you have to manage all your users manually.

And as long as the user your want to add in your org doesn’t have an account on SonarCloud you won’t be able to find it. Your users should first login once in SonarCloud with their Azure account to create their SonarCloud account, and from there you should be able to find them.

As I said in my initial information - person has logged in to Sonar with his Azure Devops account.