SonarCloud unplanned outage

The sonar cloud web ui appears to be broken.

Initially the code coverage component on the web ui was malfunctioning. SonarCloud. It was not showing the coverage breakdown.

It now appears the whole site is down and will not load. It just hangs at

Loading SonarCloud...

Oddly enough the sonar cloud status dashboard say everything running fine.


I am having the same issue.
Tried clearing caches and different browsers, even got a college to try on their machine and still nothing.

EDIT: Did some sleuthing and it looks as through the API requests to api/users/current and api/navigation/global are getting 504 responses

Our CI/CD processes failed, cause it’s not only UI broken. All services aren’t available.


Same. Seeing CI/CD fail, as well as broken web ui.

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Same… CI/CD fails

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Same thing here, CI/CD fails

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Same here in Melbourne, Australia
Builds are also failing ##[error][SQ] API GET ‘/api/server/version’ failed, status code was: 502

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I can’t understand. This is not a free service. Thanks to their ‘skillful’ development and support, the release and launch of new functionality are impossible for us. The launch of which was announced at a certain time.

Same issue here… Sydney Australia and funny thing, the only page that is working is the status page that shows everything okay :sweat_smile:


Well, of course! Apparently, if the response has a 500 status code, it also means Operational. Damn clowns…


Both and are returning 502 Bad Gateway but status is all OK.
New standard of reporting status introduced by SonarCloud, Can we also adopt it for our customers without going out of business?


And no way to get any help from them… all my deployments are blocked… :melting_face:

also affecting us in Australia, unable to run SonarPrepare , SonarAnalyze in AzureDevOps pipelines.

##[error][SQ] API GET '/api/server/version' failed, status code was: 504
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I have the exact same issue.
The web UI isn’t responding and my pipeline has failed due to the response timeout.
How come does the status page say they’re all operational even though they aren’t?
This’s misleading us!! You guys must show us exactly what’s happening with your system SonarCloud

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It is working again, at least for us… funny day… :upside_down_face:


Yes its working now without effecting Status page or Historical Uptime :smiley:

Is sonarcloud down at the moment? Our builds are failing as we are unable to reach sonarcloud

SonarCloud server [] can not be reached

But the status page say it’s operational

More than hour…

Hi all,

First, I’d like to apologize for the inconvenience, thank you for these reports, and welcome the newcomers to the community (I promise it gets better).

SonarCloud did indeed have unplanned outages, Sunday night for about 20 minutes and Monday night for about 1.5 hours.

These outages happened during database maintenance that should not have interfered with the normal operations of the service.

We are still investigating the cause and plan to take action today to prevent further recurrences.

Ann & the SonarCloud team.

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Glad to hear it’s fixed, but why was this outage not listed on the status page?

Even now, it’s not listed as a past incident.

Outages happen, as we all know, but I think everyone would find it useful if those are then listed on the status page.