Sonar Community Roundup, December 9 - December 15

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The holidays are almost here, which will see @ganncamp on a well-deserved holiday until the new year, while I’ll still be popping in from time to time over the next two weeks. Thanks for your patience during this holiday season (we hope you’re taking a break too).

Like every week we want to spend some time saying thanks to everyone who prompted interesting discussions and gave us feedback on Sonar products that will help us continuously improve.



Rule improvements:

  • Thanks @parkenf for reporting a false positive on java:S4968. We’ll work on this with SONARJAVA-4736.

  • csharpsquid:S3712 is reporting a false positive when subtracting a delegate via switch statement with pattern matching. Thanks @JJoensuu! You can track this issue at SonarSource/sonar-dotnet #8467

  • With new support for .NET 8 comes some adjustments we need to make to existing rules. Thanks @DominikTouring for reporting this conflict between csharpsquid:S3925 and SYSLIB0051 regarding ISerializable.

  • When you paginate results without ordering them, you risk duplicate entries on subsequent pages if you’re using SpringBatch. @Max_well pointed that out, resulting in SONARJAVA-4737 to create a new rule for it.

  • @Kuga2 provided valuable feedback on S1772, which raises a False Positive when a method that returns a constant is used on the left side of an equality test. We’ve added it to the list of things to take into account when considering the future of the rule.

Once more, we extend our thanks to everyone mentioned here - and those we may have missed - for their efforts in strengthening this community and enhancing our Sonar products.

Please leave your own recognitions below – whether for another community member or a SonarSourcer who assisted you this week. If there’s someone you think should be acknowledged in next week’s roundup, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Colin, @ganncamp, and @leith.darawsheh


Appreciate the info and recognition for contributors!

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Enjoy your well deserved holidays.
You might want to investigate the issue that seems came up with the upgrade vom 10.1 to 10.3:
Since last week (when we installed it), we have to reset the SonarQube service at least once or twice a day: