Https:// is down?

We are unable to reach today, started a few minutes ago. We get a 504 Gateway Time-out.

The status page is claiming everything is fine:


It is for me too

We are seeing same thing.
(just confirming that this is impacting others too.)

I’ve sent an email to the support email address and the CEO. Unfortunately since we are past the European business hours this might not be addressed in the next 12hs from past experience.

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Also down for me. I’m unable to find a support email. Could you share it here?

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Down for us as well. This is blocking all of our pipelines

Hey y’all.

Thanks for the reports. (For now, still speculatively) SonarCloud may be affected by an AWS outage in Frankfurt. and also appear to be affected.

The alarms have been sounded!


Thank you for quick reply @Colin !
Just knowing that the issue is “acknowledged” is very helpful for us.


When will the statusblog be updated?

Hello Andres,

Thank you for the message. Our status page has been updated with the latest information. We are currently working to address this issue.

Best regards,


Thanks for the quick action!

Thanks for the updates. Knowing it is acknowledged goes a long way.

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Us as well. What is ETR?

Recovery actions are ongoing at this moment. Our services are partially operational again.

SonarCloud services are back to normal. Root cause analysis is currently being investigated with our vendors and further actions will be taken in order to prevent this incident from happening in the future. We are on high alert and closely monitoring our services. In case you are still noticing any issues please reach out to us and we will assist.

@Silviu_Asandei what is the best way to reach out to SonarSource when there is an outage?

In prior cases it has been very difficult to reach someone promptly and neither the, the SonarSource office phones, p were very effective. I’m very glad we saw a prompt response this time around in the forums, but I think I speak for many of your paying customers by saying we would like to see a better escalation channel.

@sodul Thank you very much for your feedback, as it is very important to us. For the moment we are supporting our customers via the known channels and we are constantly seeking new ways to improve the communication.

Best regards,
Silviu Asandei