Sonarcloud task fails because of CI Analysis and auto analysis running

I’m using to host my repo, which is hooked up to my SonarCloud app/account. I have a file that I’m using with Github Actions.

I’ve recently updated my Sonarcloud project to use SonarCloud automatic analysis.

And this is where my problems have begun, the latest PR has resulted int the following error from SonarCloud task

ERROR: Error during SonarQube Scanner execution

[56]( You are running CI analysis while Automatic Analysis is enabled. Please consider disabling one or the other.

I’m just beginning out on my CI integration/journey and don’t know (a) what CI analysis means and (b) how to disable it so I can use the SonarCloud method.

Any help is appreciated,

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Hello @devonps,

You can find more information in the docs here. Specifically the section Conflict with CI-based Analysis will be useful to you. Please let me know if you still have questions after reading this, that will help us improve the documentation.


Hey Tom,

Thanks for the pointer, however I don’t think the documentation is clear enough about what the actual conflict is.

However after reading the documentation I’m wondering if it would be better if I move all my sonarcloud project properties to the file in my repo, what do you think? Rather than have them spread across the 2 locations.

Alternatively I could delete the sonarcloud project and start again, more work for sure.


Hello Steven,

Having your SonarCloud configuration checked in to your version control system is a good idea in my opinion, it’s up to personal preference though.

SonarCloud supports two mode of analysis: Automatic analysis and CI analysis. When you choose to analyse your code with CI analysis you are responsible for configuring and running the analysis.

You mentioned you were setting-up analysis with GitHub Actions (which is a CI service), you are probably using the action we made to do that.

Your project has Automatic Analysis enabled (you can check this by going to your project on SonarCloud and navigating to Administration > Automatic Analysis).

We do not support you both types of analysis at the same time, this would lead to confusing results. So you need to either disable Automatic Analysis or remove the GitHub action.

Does that answer your question? If so, could you help us by pointing out what you missed in the documentation?

There should be no need to do this :slight_smile:.

Hope that helps,


Hey Tom,

Finally I got this figured - with your help and patience - as I thought all along this has been a mis-understanding on my part about what CI analysis means.

I’ve pushed a change to my repo and have seen the latest code analysis on my SonarCloud project :slight_smile:

So that’s all good.

To enable that I removed the sonarcloud step from my Github action (and yes it was your action that I implemented), and made sure that automatic analysis was enabled on my project.

So, what I meant to say (regarding the documentation) was that, for me, there was no clear explanation of what needs to be set up for CI analysis and automatic analysis.

As I said I’m a complete beginner at this and I might have mis-understood common terminology.

I would consider this ticket resolved now.

Thanks again,


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