Need assistance determining why analysis failed ("96f1655e-e1ea-4d82-9ece-df78281863e0")

  • Platform: GitHub
  • CI/CD: GitHub Actions (though using “Automatic Mode” for SonarCloud)
  • Language: C
  • Error message:
The last analysis has failed.
If it keeps on failing after several attempts,
please contact us on Community forum and
provide the following failing analysis ID:
  • Steps to reproduce:
    1. Link repository to SonarCloud
    2. Attempt analysis (enable automatic analysis mode)
    3. Observe failed analysis message

I do not see any “Background Tasks” listed.

  • Things I have tried:
    • Deleting SonarCloud project and recreating/re-linking repository
    • Removing file
    • Disabling / Enabling automatic mode for restart analysis

Hey there.

It seems there has been an uptick in the number of Automatic Analysis failures since yesterday. Right now we’re not sure if they’re related, but its being escalated. Thanks for the report and your patience.

Hey there.

We’ve fixed an issue with the analysis of C, C++, and Objecitve-C projects. Please let us know if you continue to face this issue on future commits.

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