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Hey guys, I’m not sure if this is correct place to ask a questions, but I didn’t find a support button or something. We are using sonarcloud, I believe we paying for it and some time ago then we tried to onboard new project, we are missing onboarding screen where we can choose what type of code we wanna scan and get our secret token. I will be appreciate for any help, thank you in advance!


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What’s your DevOps platform? And are you comfortable sharing your organization ID publicly?


DevOps platform you mean CI/CD? We are using Gitlab Saas. Org ID is: welltech-payments

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Thanks for those details. I’ve flagged this for folks with better log access than I have.


Do you find what you are looking for when going to Administration > Analysis Method? This should show you tutorials on how to set up the analysis

I even don’t have that button, I have admin rights and so on. I tried few times to remove project completely and add it again.

If you are a project admin, you should have that option.

If you don’t see it, can you share a screenshot of what you do see?

We only display the Analysis Method configuration screen for Organization Admins.
We only display the onboarding tutorials for people with the Execute Analysis permission on the project. The reasoning is that only those people can generate a valid token.

Could you ask your organization admin to grant you the the Execute Analysis permission? This should make the onboarding tutorial visible for any new project you create.

From your last screenshot, it seems that you have already submitted an analysis for two branches, but not yet for the main branch. In this case we don’t display the onboarding tutorial anymore

Thank you!

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