I can't view Analysis Method under adminstration in sonarcloud

Hi team,

I am not able to view Analysis Method under administration menu in sonarcloud. .I need to do SonarCloud Automatic Analysis to OFF. Please help me out on this

Hey there.

What do you see under the administration menu?

Hi Colin,
Thanks for your reply.I can see Administration->Quality profiles,Quality gate,New code,links,permission,Back ground tasks,
update key,webhooks,Deletion etc.Could you please help me out on this?Main problem I am facing is code coverage not showing in sonarcloud.It always showing as 0.

What happens if you directly navigate to:


It is showing like this only. Nothing is showing in supported analysis method.


I suspect that your project is not bound at all, or is bound to an Azure DevOps repository. In that case – Automatic Analysis shouldn’t (more accurately, can’t) be happening. Why do you think you need to turn it off?

Thanks Colin.You are right It is bound to an Azure DevOps repository.